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December 21, 2016

Enter the last name of the deceased in the “last name” field to start your search. To narrow your search, enter the first name or initial.


Click the “Search” button, to see a list of all matching names from our database, and their locations on the map. To see specific burial information for anyone in the list, click on the appropriate name and the detailed information will pop up on the map.

A Few Tips:
+ Try a partial name search, when spelling is not known.
+  If the death date shown in the results is the same as the interment date, we may not have the date of death in our records, and the interment date is being duplicated.
+  To search for all individuals buried at the Cemetery with a specific surname, enter only the last name into the form.
+  Did you find an error in our records? Please contact us at info@mountauburn.org.

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Directions to Mount Auburn Cemetery

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