Become a Citizen Scientist at Mount Auburn Cemetery!

August 26, 2017

Phenology Study

Phenology refers to the study of recurring plant and animal life cycle stages and the relationship of these life cycle stages to weather and climate.  Join us in gathering phenology data to better understand how climate disruption is impacting our urban wildlife refuge.  All current citizen scientists and new volunteers are encouraged to attend one classroom training and one field training.

Classroom Sessions (select one):

Sunday 9/17 – Life Cycle ID 10am-11:30am

Monday 9/18 – Life Cycle ID 10am-11:30am

Field Training (select one):

Sunday 10/1 – Phenology Trail 10am-11:30am

Monday 10/2 – Phenology Trail 10am-11:30am


For questions or to sign up for training contact:

Paul Kwiatkowski,Wildlife Conservation & Sustainability Manager, Mount Auburn Cemetery



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