Blockbuster Electronics Recycling Event 2024

February 14, 2024

Today’s consumer electronics such as computers, cell phones, radios and TVs rely on electronic manufacturing technology that utilizes many metals and hazardous chemicals; therefore, it is important to recycle electronic items responsibly.  Mount Auburn has hosted an annual electronics recycling program open to staff and the community every January since 2012. 

Once the collected items are transported to the Northeast Material Handling facility the process includes sorting, dismantling, mechanical separation, and recovery of valuable materials.  Materials rescued in the recycling process such as gold, copper, glass and aluminum can be returned to the supply chain and used again, thus reducing the need to mine expensive raw materials through environmentally destructive methods, and therefore significantly reducing carbon emissions.  For every ton of e-waste collected and recycled; 1.44 tons of CO2 emissions are avoided.

This year we collected a whopping 17,853 lbs of discarded electronics.  Five hundred households dropped off their electronics over the three hours on a warm January morning.  One participant commented “Thanks for both putting on the event and helping me check off one of my resolutions right out of the gates this year!!”

Thanks to our Mount Auburn team who quickly and efficiently managed the large turn-out.  Save the date for January of next year for our 2025 event!

2024 Collected Items

AC / Dehumidifiers94
Co-mingled Materials1,283 lbs
Alkaline Batteries249 lbs
Lithium Batteries32 lbs
Nicad Batteries32 lbs
Lead Acid Batteries29 lbs
Total17,853 lbs

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