Climate Action & Sustainability Plan

July 1, 2021

If we genuinely care about future generations, we must act now to protect planet Earth. The effects of climate change are clear, and it will take all working together to reduce the devastating damage happening here at home and around the globe. It is time for bold action!

Mount Auburn took a new bold step in June 2021 with the formal adoption by the Board of Trustees of a Climate Action and Sustainability Plan. The ambitious goals outlined in this new Plan aim to make the Cemetery carbon neutral by the year 2050 while also addressing broader environmental, social, and economic concerns. The Plan builds upon decades of ecologically sensitive best practices to further reduce the impacts of Mount Auburn’s landscape maintenance, burial, and cremation activities. The Plan also outlines goals to create a resilient and healthy ecosystem that benefits Mount Auburn’s flora and fauna while ensuring that all staff and visitors are valued, respected, and engaged. Lastly, the Plan makes an institutional commitment to align our financial investments with our values and the environmental and social stances we support. Ultimately, this Plan is about reducing what we take while increasing what we give back to the planet and the community.

Purple flowers cover the ground beneath a tree with weeping branches.  In the background, a beam of golden light from the setting sun shines through tree branches.

The formal adoption of a Climate Action and Sustainability Plan marks the achievement of a significant milestone in Mount Auburn’s broader 18-Month Strategic Bridge Plan. With initiatives organized into three themes – Openness & Welcome, Beauty & Serenity, and Stewardship & Sustainability – the Bridge Plan will strengthen Mount Auburn’s core mission and build a foundation to support its future aspirations.


Mount Auburn’s Climate Action and Sustainability Plan’s ambitious goals address environmental, social, and economic concerns. With the goals and strategies outlined in the Plan, we will:

Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Build resilience to environmental stress by increasing the biodiversity of Mount Auburn’s plant collections.

Create healthy conditions for urban wildlife.

Connect the community with Mount Auburn’s landscape through thoughtful educational programming and increased volunteer opportunities.

Inspire individuals, peer organizations, and communities to be sustainable by sharing our knowledge and celebrating our successes.


Click the cover to read, print, or download Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Climate Action and Sustainability Plan.

Climate Action and Sustainability Plan June 2021

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