Commemorate a Life

With its harmonious combination of natural beauty and thoughtfully designed built structures, Mount Auburn Cemetery is an ideal place for reflection and remembrance. Mount Auburn’s services include the setting of new private memorials, the completion of inscriptions on Cemetery-owned shared markers, and the installation of temporary memorial plaques.


All new monuments and markers must be pre-approved by the Cemetery before installation. Please contact a monument dealer to initiate this work. The monument dealer will communicate directly with Mount Auburn to determine the permitted size, style, and material and will then work with the family on a design meeting the Cemetery’s specifications. After receiving Cemetery approval of the design, the monument dealer will fabricate your memorial.

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The size of a monument and its foundation requirements will determine the cost for installation. Mount Auburn will invoice the family for this work. Please note that Mount Auburn requires payment of all outstanding fees associated with a grave or lot before it installs any new memorials. Upon receipt of payment, Mount Auburn’s staff will prepare the foundation, coordinate delivery of the monument from the memorial dealer, and set the monument in its final location. The Cemetery will notify the family when the work is complete.

Memorial setting is a seasonal activity, occurring between April and November. Any monuments completed during the winter will be delivered to the Cemetery the following spring.



Select one of our existing trees for a plaque that honors someone special.