Citizen Science Phenology Trail: Fall Information and Training Sessions

August 26, 2016

We are very pleased to report the launch of the Citizen Science program at Mount Auburn this past spring was a great success.  Very useful phenology data has been collected, friendships formed, and we all learned a lot.  Many thanks go to our dedicated citizen scientists!  We are now preparing for the fall data collection session and we will be hosting training sessions for current participants and new recruits.

If you are interested in nature, and concerned about the potential impact of climate disruption and severe weather on habitat and the wildlife it supports, citizen science is right for you.  Join us to learn how you can make a difference just by following a trail through our urban wildlife refuge.

Classroom Sessions:

Sunday, September 25, 10AM-12PM
Monday, September 26, 10AM-12PM

Ongoing support throughout the fall will be provided as well!

The Phenology Trail is made up of 65 trees and shrubs that are all labeled with circular, crimson tags to identify them on the route.  It is a three-part trail and volunteers may choose to collect data on an individual section, or the full route, depending on what your schedule allows.  Every citizen scientist will be provided a toolkit, consisting of a route map and data sheet, along with a phenology ID workbook.  All volunteers must provide their own binoculars (for looking into the tree canopy).

If you are currently a citizen scientist, or if you are interested in participating in this fun and important project, please contact:

Paul Kwiatkowski
Wildlife Conservation & Sustainability Manager

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