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October 15, 2021

This virtual Climate Speaker Series event was recorded on October 6, 2021.

In Conversation with Mothers Out Front

On October 6, 2021 the Friends of Mount Auburn hosted a virtual presentation and panel discussion featuring volunteers from Cambridge Mothers Out Front. This is the local chapter of a national organization created and led by women. Their mission is to ensure a livable climate and sustainable future for the generations ahead.

Among its core principles, Mothers Out Front advocates for equal access to clean air and water and improved tree canopy. During this recorded event, Mothers Out Front members Kristine Jelstrup, Margery Davies, Hannah Mahoney, and Diane Martin reflected on their work to improve the quality of life for every citizen. The panelists also discussed their strategic efforts to support the passage of green roof/bio-solar legislation in Cambridge and climate legislation at the state level.

Mount Auburn is connected to Mothers Out Front through the “green burials” and memorials of loved ones and simply as an inspirational setting for contemplative walks. As evidence of the Cemetery’s inspirational qualities, Mothers Out Front volunteer Hannah Mahoney shared a haiku she wrote after an early autumn visit to the Cemetery (a moment also captured in a photograph taken by her husband):

fall warmth
the fattest bumblebee dozing
in the tallest zinnia

Cambridge Mothers Out Front

Learn more about Cambridge Mothers Out Front. You do not have to be a mother or grandmother to participate. Truly all are welcome to participate in this most important of struggles for our very future.

About the Climate Speaker Series

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Climate Speaker Series provides a platform for local researchers, academics, public officials, business and non-profit leaders, and volunteer organizations to share with the public their work to investigate, mitigate, and adapt to the threats of our warming climate.

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Funding for this program was provided in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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