Coffeehouse 2012

November 28, 2012

Mount Auburn’s second annual Coffeehouse was an inspiring and intimate evening full of music, poetry, and conviviality. We’ve added several videos of the performances for your enjoyment below.

Dr. Steven Ablon, psychiatrist, reads poems from his book, Night Call.

Literary historian Rob Velella reads selected poems by Fanny Osgood, James T. Fields, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Christopher Pearse Cranch, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Nathaniel Parker Willis.

Poets Candace Currie (Mount Auburn Cemetery Director of Planning and Sustainability) and Bob Bowie read a selection of original poems, including “Innocence and Stolen Wooden Milk Crates,” “Homage (of sorts) to Bill Evans,” “Primordial Jazz,” “What Is On?,” “Sunday Night Dinner,” and “Iris Versicolor.”


Musician John Tyson serenades the crowd.

Poet Susan Lloyd McGarry reads a selection of works.

Poet Thomas Fitzgerald reads a selection of original works, including “For the Man Who Practices His Saxophone in the Apartment Next Door” and “Upon Seeing a Man Spray Paint I Love You Across the Front of His Girlfriend’s House”.

Poet Anna Yeshilian reads an Armenian poem.

Musicians Dan and Faith Senie perform “Moon Over Concord” and “Tumbleweed.”


Poet Jessie Brown reads a selection of original works, including “January Thaw,” “Chocolate Cake Instead of a Poem,” “Never,” and “Why I Miss the Lost Trees.”

Poet Irene Koronas, poetry editor for Wilderness House Literary Review, reads a selection of original works.

Musician Kim Jennings performs “Colorado River” and “Here to You.”

Poet Gloria Mindock, editor and publisher of Červená Barva Press, reads a selection of original works, including “The Guardians.”


Poet Sue Owen  reads a selection of original works, including “The Weed Doesn’t Care,” “Accusing the Mosquito,” and “Even the Shooting Stars.”

Musician Dan Cloutier performs a selection of original compositions.

Poet Gayle Roby reads a selection of original works, including “Suddenly” and “The Jar.”

Cambridge Poet Populist Toni Bee performs a spontaneous tribute to Anna Yeshilian.


Visit our Coffeehouse Flickr album for additional photos of the performers.

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