Contemporary Giants of Mount Auburn

March 3, 2015

Mount Auburn Cemetery is widely known for its historically significant “residents” and sculptures, but we are still an active cemetery and many, more recent notables have also chosen Mount Auburn as their final resting place. Examples include academic icons B. F. Skinner and Gian Carlo-Rota, journalists “Izzy” Stone and Anthony Lewis, inventors Ed Land and Katherine Blodget, celebrities Curt Gowdy and Joyce Chen, Nobel Prize winner Julian Schwinger, and author Bernard Malamud. Meet Volunteer Docent Stephen Pinkerton at the Flagpole Garden for a tour of the Cemetery’s “newer” gardens and monuments in the Willow Pond area and learn more about the accomplishments of our “contemporary giants”.


Funding for programs has been provided in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Massachusetts Cultural Council

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