Copy of Cemetery Lot Card

October 13, 2011

The 9×12” Lot Diagram Card is one of the most comprehensive Cemetery records. It includes:

  • Names and ages at death of all persons buried in the lot
  • Lot number and path or avenue within the Cemetery
  • Surveyed plan of each lot showing size and shape of the lot
  • Locations of interments within the lot
  • Locations and shape of base of monuments and markers with code to material (G for granite, M for marble, B for brownstone, S for sandstone)
  • Date of original lot purchase and name of lot proprietor
  • Perpetual care status of lot

Only a few lot cards give date of death. Lot cards are only for family lots or tombs—and not, for example, for grave purchases in public lots.

Copies of Cemetery lot cards can be obtained free of charge. To do so, please visit our store and fill out the name of the family lot. You will not be charged during checkout, but please fill out your shipping address and contact information so that we can send you the card.

To order and pay by check, please print and mail this form.

Please allow up to thirty days for research requests.


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