Watch Artist-In-Residence, Liz Walker’s “Dance of Arrival”

April 13, 2023

As Artist-in-Residence at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA, Walker has choreographed and performed, “Dance of Arrival”, a site-specific dance work which explores themes of life and death. A crucial touchpoint for the project is Liz’s experience as a dancer who is pregnant and preparing to welcome a new life.

Watch Walker’s Performance of “Dance of Arrival” on our Vimeo. Video by Daniel Huang

Liz Walker is a classically trained ballet dancer and choreographer. Liz danced with Los Angeles Ballet as a soloist and now performs her own work at venues throughout the Boston area. In an interview, Walker told Mount Auburn,

“I am a lifelong classically trained ballet dancer. I performed for 12 years on and off with Los Angeles Ballet. The bulk of my career there was the 7 years after I had graduated from college. I had a great experience, but being in a ballet company is very all-consuming, and it takes a lot of physical maintenance. So as that time was coming to an end, I moved back here to Cambridge. I knew that I wanted to keep dancing and stay creative. I started picking up a few choreography jobs as a way to keep moving and keep doing projects. And then I found that I really enjoyed creating things, particularly site-specific works that respond to a particular environment. And so, I’ve been doing projects like that over the past several years since I retired from full-time ballet, and have been gaining my own voice as a creator, which has been really rewarding.”

From “Choreographing New Life and Death”. Read the full interview here:

Walker also performed “Dance of Arrival: Summer’s End” in early September 2022 after giving birth. Walker guided visitors on a tour of historic graves on the theme of motherhood, as Walker and violinist Beth Bahia Cohen performed together in response to each site.

Guests then took their seats in Asa Gray Garden for the second half of the event, a meditative ballet to Beethoven’s “Spring” sonata.

Watch Walker’s Performance of “Dance of Arrival: Summer’s End” on our Vimeo. Video by Daniel Huang

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