2013 Green Award Recipient: Kelley Sullivan

January 15, 2014

When he’s not driving to work in his Prius, or riding his bike or taking the T, Kelley Sullivan, Greenhouse Horticulturist & Plant Health Care Specialist, can be found pushing the limits of using strictly organic horticultural practices in the greenhouse gardens and inside the greenhouse. The no-pesticides approach has been successful in large part due to Kelley’s careful, systematic and creative temperament.

His effective use of biological controls in managing greenhouse pests, which calls for the release of “beneficial insects” that are natural predators of the pest insects, has become a model for the industry in the northeast. The supply company that produces the beneficial insects has been recommending Kelley’s monitoring and treatment program to other professional growers for several years.

His enthusiasm for sharing information with others is widely appreciated. Members of the public and colleagues find him approachable and eager to talk about all matters ecological. The outdoor garden at the greenhouse is an attraction in the summer and has drawn the interest of many visitors including the students at the nearby Atrium School.

Kelley serves as a valuable asset for our community outreach. He is a patient and enthusiastic instructor whenever visitors ask questions, which is often. He and Paul Kwiatkowski set up a small “lending library” at the greenhouse for staff and visitors interested in reading about sustainability, ecologically responsible landscaping, and agricultural practices.

He approaches life with the intellect and skill of a scientist and the passion of a revolutionary. He keeps his finger on the pulse of all things sustainable, and posts pertinent information on the Greenhouse bulletin boards and Mount Auburn’s website.  He has been known to monitor the introductions into the dumpster in search of violations (before everything went single stream). And he’s even gone in after things!

For these reasons, the Green Team conferred upon Kelley Sullivan the 2013 Green Award! Congratulations Kelley. Global climate change can be scary, which is why this green award focuses on local solutions – on what Mount Auburn can do to reduce its own carbon footprint. Kelley Sullivan is an excellent, local example of how we can live our lives more sustainably, and reduce our personal carbon footprint.


Kelley Sullivan

Kelley Sullivan


Criteria for the Green Award

The recipient of the Green Award reflects in his or her attitude and practices the mission of Mount Auburn’s Green Team by demonstrating responsible stewardship for the environment, employing “green” practices towards sustainability at Mount Auburn, and sharing these choices for the benefit and education of colleagues and the community. Green Award recipients:

Inspire Others – By educating, informing, and motivating;

Share “Green” Culture – Through leading by example and promoting a spirit of collaboration among colleagues;

Innovate –By making changes to more “sustainable” products or practices that lead to measurable, verifiable results.

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