Recycling and Bottle Bill

September 1, 2014

According to our recycling vendor, Save that Stuff, Mount Auburn’s recycling program has processed about 6 tons of paper, plastic, glass and metals each year for the past 2 years; thereby saving per year about 35 trees, 19 cubic yards of landfill waste, and about 1800 kWh of electricity.  That’s great! 

All of our recycling efforts in our offices and at events really does make a difference.  There’s something else coming up in November that will make a difference, and it’s far greater than Mount Auburn.  An election!

On the ballot on November 2nd, you could make a difference by voting ‘Yes’ for the revised Bottle Bill.  This bill will increase recycling, save money for cities and towns, and reduce litter and waste, thereby protecting waterways like the Charles River. How does it do this?  It will add 5-cent deposit to plastic bottles of water, iced tea, juice and sports drinks like Gatorade. These products were not on the market in 1982 when the original bottle bill was passed.

If you’ve ever participated in a Charles River Cleanup event, you’ve found plastic bottles littering the banks of the river. By having a 5-cent deposit, there’s an incentive for you and/or others to return the bottles to a local vending operation like the one next to Star across from Mount Auburn.

Massachusetts State Ballot Question Summary: Expanding the Beverage Container Deposit Law

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