Watering the Plants in the Landscape

January 1, 2013

Mount Auburn has demonstrated a strong commitment to water conservation particularly as it relates to water collection and irrigation used on the grounds.

In the event of a drought (as designated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) based on streamflow over the dam of the Charles River in Waltham) Mount Auburn has sought different ways of reducing the amount of water pumped from its well located at the north end of Auburn Lake.  Rainwater collection was one such method.


1)  Rainwater from the roof of this 40-year-old greenhouse was collected by these barrels, which were introduced in 2004 shortly after Water Management and Drought Management Plans were instituted and filed with the DEP.



Toro Vehicle


2)  A portable submersible pump was used to transfer the water from the barrels into tanks like this yellow one on the bed of this turf vehicle.



Watering flower beds


3)  Grounds workers used hand-held hoses connected to the tanks on the turf vehicles to water flower beds at family lots and ornamental gardens throughout the 175 acres.

Sprinklers and drip-irrigation lines are also used for new garden areas, recently seeded turf or young trees and shrubs; however about 80% of the cemetery is dependent upon annual rainfall with no additional irrigation.


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