Francis C. Gray Monument

April 5, 2012

Francis Calley Gray (1790-1856) was a philanthropist, legislator, art collector and one of the earliest proprietors of the Cemetery. His vast collection of early engravings and prints made him America’s first great print collector and connoisseur.  While on the Grand Tour in 1837, Gray visited Joseph Gott’s (1790-1856) art studio in Rome.  Knowing that Gott specialized in animal subjects, Gray commissioned him to sculpt an English Setter out of marble. The sculpture was originally intended for placement at Mount Auburn.  However, in 1849, Gray gave the English Setter as a gift to his friend and fellow art collector William Appleton.  Following Gray’s death in December 1856, Appleton had the dog placed on Gray’s grave at Mount Auburn.  A fitting gesture, as dogs are symbols of fidelity and protection.



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