Genealogical Research FAQ

October 27, 2011

Please note that we cannot complete research requests through this web page or through the comments. Genealogical research must be requested through the channels listed on our Genealogical Research Requests post.


Can you tell me if an individual is buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery?

Yes. Verification of burial, cremation, and location within the Cemetery is available at no charge.

Please complete a Request for Genealogical Information form or visit our store. Be sure to include the correct spelling of the individual’s full name and approximate date of death.


Do I need to know the date of death to find out if someone is buried at Mount Auburn?

No. Mount Auburn Cemetery’s records are organized alphabetically by individual last names. Often, names are repeated within families so it is unlikely that there are several individuals with the same names in our records. The full name and approximate date of death help  us to identify the correct individual.


I’m certain that my relative is buried at Mount Auburn but you say that there is no such record. What should I do?

Often, it is a good idea to check burials in the Catholic Mount Auburn Cemetery and the Cambridge Cemetery, two other cemeteries located in Cambridge.

Spelling errors do occur.


Can you send me a list of all the individuals buried at Mount Auburn with the same last name?

No. Our computer program does not provide this service at this time. We can give you an approximate number of individuals buried here with that last name.




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