Granite Curbing Used to Edge Ponds and Ornamental Areas

January 22, 2015

“In 1855-56 the western end of Garden Pond (now Halcyon Lake) which extended nearly to the present site of Story Chapel was filled up. In the next few years granite curbings were placed around the edges of Consecration Dell Pond, Forest Pond (since filled in), and Meadow Pond (now Auburn Lake), not to mention such ornamental areas as the one in front of the old chapel. Some of these relics of the age of granite were not removed until 1918.”

Ames, Oakes I., “Mount Auburn’s Sixscore Years,” Publications of the Cambridge Historical Society, Vol 34 (1951-52), page 77-95.

Top image: Consecration Dell lined with granite curbing, circa 1870.  This curbing was removed in 1877 and the edges of the pond returned to their natural appearance.

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