Hazel Dell Renovation

January 24, 2023

Improvements in Hazel Dell are underway!

In Fall 2022 the old deteriorated pathway was removed and replaced with a wheelchair accessible path that also allows for limited vehicle access for maintenance. We also brought electricity into the space to support public programming and events. In the spring we will finish the surface of the path and replace the temporary railings currently installed. Also planned for the spring are new plantings around the tombs and in the areas that were mulched for the winter. The plants will bring a more welcoming entrance to Hazel Dell, and compliment the recently completed project on Indian Ridge Path. Photo above by Sarah Hinzman, Summer Solstice event.

Hazel Dell History

Hazel Dell is a low, secluded area bounded on the north and east by a tall glacial esker (Indian Ridge Path) and on the south and west by a granite retaining wall and Linden Path. A row of large granite hillside tombs built in 1859 overlook an open, grassy area. In the 19h century, the center of the Dell was seasonally wet, so the land was regraded to eliminate the boggy areas and in 1862, a small circular pond with an ornamental fountain was added. Today, Hazel Dell is often referred to as a dry dell, in contrast to the wet kettle pond of Consecration Dell.

19th Century Stereoview of Hazel Dell

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