Historical Collections Department – Genealogical Resources

October 27, 2011

Resources at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn Cemetery is pleased to assist you with genealogy and research requests.

Once you have confirmed that an individual or family is buried at Mount Auburn, you may request additional information including photocopies about the individual or lot by contacting the Historical Collections Department:

+  By web: Scan our list of genealogical research services or visit our online store. You can fill out all information online, and the results will be emailed or printed and mailed per your specifications.

+  By email: Contact research@mountauburn.org after browsing our research services. You will be mailed a Request for Genealogical Information form to fill out and be asked to send a prepayment.

+  In person: If you are visiting the Cemetery, these forms may be picked up at the Front Office and Information Center.


Mount Auburn Cemetery maintains a unique and historically significant Archive containing burial records dating back to 1831 for over 94,000 individuals. Researchers do not have access to original materials.


See our frequently asked questions.

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