How You Can Support Mount Auburn’s Wildlife

September 29, 2020

An incredible diversity of wildlife thrives at Mount Auburn Cemetery – thanks in large part to our Urban Ecology and Citizen Science initiatives. And our goal is to keep making this habitat even better.

Tree with bat house attached.

We have a talented team of consulting scientists studying the populations of amphibians, arthropods, bats, birds, dragonflies, and pollinators that call Mount Auburn home. Even in this unusual year, we are excited to report that we have even expanded several of the studies. One highlight is Lesley University professor Chris Richardson installing bat houses in parts of the Cemetery where he has spotted activity over the past few years. This will allow us to monitor breeding activity moving forward. You can spot the bat houses at several areas around the Cemetery, including near Indian Ridge Path.

During your visits you might encounter some these scientists, who are doing much more than collecting data – they are helping our wildlife thrive in this urban landscape. And this critical work must go forward despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please help us continue these projects by making a special donation to support wildlife ecology today. Follow this link to make a gift to our Ecological Education and Biodiversity Studies Fund, which enables all of these efforts at Mount Auburn.

Thanks for supporting our wildlife initiatives!

To learn more and get involved with our Citizen Science Naturalist Program – including virtual sessions, independent data collection, and future announcements – contact Paul Kwiatkowski, Director of Urban Ecology & Sustainability, at

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