Hurricane Sandy: Damage Update

November 1, 2012

We are grateful to the support of our many friends and donors and to the dedication of our staff – the combined efforts of which no doubt strengthen our ongoing ability to provide a high level of care and maintenance to this historic landscape.  Such a proactive approach to the maintenance of trees and shrubs, as well as monument care certainly minimized what could have been a more significant degree damage to the Cemetery during Hurricane Sandy.

At this time Mount Auburn estimates the loss of approximately 15 trees (including at least one Oak that predated the Cemetery) as well as numerous branches and a few more trees that are still standing, but have damage that will necessitate their removal in the coming weeks.  We also have had half a dozen or more monuments hit by trees with varying degrees of damage during the storm – some have been knocked over and others will need to be assessed further in the next few weeks.

We thank you again for your calls and inquiries.  Additional photos can be viewed on our Flickr stream.




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