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April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

Filming last night was cold, but a good experience. I chatted with the ever-cheerful security guard, Al, as I was filming a moonrise timelapse near the Sphinx. Around midnight, as I was standing on the shore of Halcyon Lake, a flight of birds, perhaps awakened by my presence, suddenly panicked out of a large bush four feet away from me. The noise was deafening. It scared me so much I just about jumped in the Lake!

This morning was neat. Early light and wildlife sound recordings were spectacular. I stumbled upon Consecration Dell, a space that really feels sacred; looking forward to going back there many times over the upcoming seasons. Step carefully though, the slopes are steep.

The bridge spanning Auburn Lake may be perfect for the Longfellow poem excerpt I’m using. I’ve made a note to go there again during another full moon. Saw Joseph Story’s tomb there.

Wandered over to many other places, recording sound, stills, and motion pictures. Particularly paying attention right now in April to evidence of seasonality: blossoms, buds, florals, winter detritus.

The birders arrive about 7 AM. I’m already in the spots they’re headed for. We and the birds are attracted to the same places.

Finding surprising, inspirational, and heartbreaking statements on monuments. My favorite from this morning: “Lizzie and Marshall, United in Heaven.” How lucky they were to feel this way.

-Roberto Mighty


Roberto Mighty is Mount Auburn’s first artist-in-residence. A new media filmmaker, photographer, and sound designer, Mighty will be documenting the conservation of the Amos Binney monument and creating a short film about the project and the monument’s history as part of our IMLS grant. Follow along with his progress by clicking the ‘Artist in Residence’ tag at the bottom of this post.

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