Interactive Kiosk

March 1, 2013

In the fall of 2010, Mount Auburn unveiled an interactive kiosk that gives visitors a dynamic new way to learn about the Cemetery.  In doing so, the kiosk is helping to align Mount Auburn with its sustainability goals- one of which is having the Visitors Center “go green” by reducing its paper consumption.

The kiosk, located in a room off of the east alcove in the Egyptian Revival Gateway, features a touch screen that puts biographical information, historic images, interactive maps, and so much more at the hands of our visitors.  The kiosk allows visitors to:

* learn about some of the notable figures now buried here and how their actions changed our world for the better
* find out where in the Cemetery to go to spot wildlife
* discover which plants are in bloom during your visit
* see how some of the Cemetery’s more iconic monuments and structures have evolved throughout our history

With such a dynamic array of text, images, audio files, and video clips that help to illustrate different facets of the Cemetery, the kiosk has quickly become a favorite among visitors.  The kiosk’s touchscreen even allows children to get in on the fun with numerous games and even a wildlife habitat that, with the touch a finger, changes from day to night, exposing the different animals that live within the area.

Each module on the kiosk contains its own set of features that are highlighted on a map which displays on the last page of each module.  After exploring a module, visitors are encouraged to print out the module’s map and follow the suggested route to visit some of the features that were highlighted in the kiosk.  There is a printer located next to the kiosk which allows visitors to print any maps from the kiosk for free.

If you haven’t tried out the kiosk out yet, definitely give it a spin during your next visit!  For those visitors that have already used the kiosk, the kiosk is updated frequently.  So even if you’ve used it before, it’s likely that new content has been added since your last visit.  Visitors can access the kiosk during all hours that the Cemetery gates are open to the public.


The design and fabrication of the kiosk was made possible by the generosity of the Anthony J. and Mildred D. Ruggiero Memorial Trust.


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