“A garden within a garden”

August 7, 2013

Mount Auburn’s most unique resource is the Cemetery’s own landscape, a combination of topography, water bodies, avenues, paths, living plants and historic monuments, buildings and other structures. While it has seen great changes over more than 180 years, the original design of the rural cemetery is largely intact, and its historical integrity and origins are evident to visitors. Successive generations have added discernable layers to the original landscape, resulting in a complex tapestry that reveals the ideals and values of nearly two centuries.

Within its 175 acres are several unique spaces that celebrate the evolution of Mount Auburn’s landscape. Use the map and links below to explore in greater detail.

Consecration Dell a 4.2-acre woodland that reflects the landscape character of Mount Auburn’s earliest history and provides valuable wildlife habitat.

“The natural features of Mount Auburn are incomparable for the purpose to which it is now sacred…In the course of a few years, when the hand of Taste shall have passed over the luxuriance of Nature, we may challenge the rivalry of the world to produce another such abiding place for the spirit of beauty.”

–Boston Courier, September 1831,
describing the consecration of Mount Auburn Cemetery


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