Learn More About Asa Gray Garden

July 20, 2021

When you visit Mount Auburn, don’t forget to stop by the Visitor’s Center for a free copy of our new educational booklet about Asa Gray Garden!

Designed and published thanks to grant support from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust and the Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation, this new resource offers a closer look at the history and meaning of the garden and its design. Highlights include:
• The life and legacy of botanist Asa Gray
• How the garden pays homage to his groundbreaking work on plant evolution in the nineteenth century
• How the garden fits into the history of Mount Auburn’s landscape and plant collections
• The garden’s importance today as a model of prioritizing native plants in our landscape, and selecting non-native species responsibly

You can also learn more about the plants you see in the garden by visiting Flora Mount Auburn, our plant collections database, for even more details about any of the plants that catch your interest (visit https://mountauburn.org/flora/ for a tutorial on how to use the database).

Booklet sitting on a granite ledge with a backdrop of pink flowers and blue sky.

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