Location of Burial

October 13, 2011

Location of burials and cremations are confirmed free of charge.

The fastest way to locate a burial or cremation is by visiting our interactive map feature. Simply enter the name of the deceased in the search box and use the dropdown menu to select a date range. Click on the name of the deceased as displayed in the results area, and the Google map will display the real-time location of the lot as well as the date of interment.

You can also visit our store and fill out the name of the deceased (first, middle, last) and approximate date of death, and Mount Auburn will complete the location request. You will not be charged during checkout, but please fill out your shipping address and contact information so that we can send you the location.

To order by mail, please print and mail this form.

To have the confirmed location of burial marked on a Cemetery map, please see this post.

Please allow up to thirty days for research requests.



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