Binney Conservation and Public Art

Mount Auburn is delighted to announce the long-awaited completion of the conservation of the Amos Binney monument, Lot #1391 Heath Path at the Cemetery.  Binney’s marble memorial, carved by Thomas Crawford in 1847, is the only monument at Mount Auburn that has been designated an “American Treasure” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the White House Millennium Committee and has recently been conserved.

Binney Conservation and Public Art with Jason Weeks from Mount Auburn Cemetery on Vimeo.

Amos Binney (1830 – 1847) and a group of like-minded friends, including Augustus A. Gould (Lot #1467 Fir Avenue, Mount Auburn Cemetery), established the Boston Society of Natural History in 1830. When Binney died suddenly in Rome at the age of 43, his widow returned his body to Boston to be buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Video about Binney Monument Foundation Repairs by Roberto Mighty, Mount Auburn Artist-in-Residence 2014