Angels of Mount Auburn

Images of celestial beings are found throughout the Cemetery, proudly posing on pedestals or tucked into the decorations of many monuments.  The brochures below include some of the many angels and cherubs found at Mount Auburn.

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A Guide to Angels in Mount Auburn Cemetery
and their Role in Consoling the Human Heart

The word angel derives from the Greek “angelos” which means messenger.

In Islam the word for angel is “mala” which also means messenger.

Angels and Cherubs represent Messengers and Spirits who…

* mediate between the human and the divine

* sing praises and joy

* make music; carry trumpets and harps

* point to Heaven

* care for the dead

Angels and Cherubs represent Messengers and Spirits also…

* pray for us

* watch over children

* represent departing spirits

* proclaim and carry scrolls and banners

* make records in the Book of Life

* guide souls to Heaven

Brochures prepared by Rosemarie Smurzynski
Based on Angel walks prepared by Janet Heywood, 1995-2005