Mount Auburn Master Plan (1993)

The Halvorson Company, Inc. won a 1993 Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects for the Master Plan it prepared for Mount Auburn. Recommendations from this important document have shaped the way this nationally significant cultural landscape is managed today.

The challenge in planning for the future is to respect the spirit of the past while continuing to be responsive to changing needs. The plan, as directed by the [Mount Auburn] trustees, articulates the values embodied in the Cemetery’s design, describes how the success of that design can be safeguarded by preserving and strengthening important landscape features and how the original values can be carried forward in partnership with today’s land ethics in developments that extend the active life of the Cemetery. Although the recommendations are bold and far reaching, affecting all aspects of the Cemetery, they call upon Mount Auburn’s roots as a rural and contemplative refuge in order to strengthen the integrity of the entire landscape, which is broadly defined as the complex of built and natural elements that together make Mount Auburn what it is.”

-The Halvorson Company, Inc., 1993

Read or download the 2-volume plan below:


Volume I | Master Plan Overview & Recommendations

Volume II | Historic Landscape Report