Sweet Auburn, Fall-Winter 1994

Sweet Auburn Fall Winter 1994

Inside this Issue…

“The More Inspiring View” – Visiting Mount Auburn
Throughout Mount Auburn’s history, a series of ‘celebrity’ visits (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, and Susan B. Anthony) and guidebooks (Dearborn’s ‘Guide through Mount Auburn’ and Gatekeeper T. H. Safford’s ‘Mount Auburn Memorial’) have encouraged visitors to travel different paths through the Cemetery, visit notable monuments (the likes of Margaret Fuller Ossoli and Charles Sumner), and keep an open mind as they interact with the landscape.

Henry Dexter – Mount Auburn Sculptor by Ernest Rohdenburg III
Dexter was a prominent 19th century Boston sculptor with four notable works in Mount Auburn’s landscape: the monument to Emily Binney (“Little Emily”), Lot #681, Yarrow Path; the monument to Frank Gardner (“Little Frank”), Lot #1660, Heliotrope Path; the Mountfort memorial, Lot #127, Willow Avenue; and Dexter’s own family lot, #2541, Yarrow Path. Dexter also sculpted a marble bust of Dr. Jacob Bigelow, housed in Bigelow Chapel.

Memorable Monuments
Though a recent survey by Friends volunteers found that the epitaph on John Hooker Ashmun’s monument (Lot #33, Amaranth Path) is fading, it is recorded in its entirety in ‘The Picturesque Pocket Companion through Mount Auburn’. 

Arbor Day 1994

Mount Auburn Forever

1995 Art Exhibition: Images of Nature in Mount Auburn
Clare Walker Leslie and Gracia Dayton chair this juried exhibition.