Sweet Auburn, Spring 2010

Sweet Auburn Spring 2010

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President’s Corner

Mount Auburn Cemetery: A Mosaic of American Culture by Stephen H. Anable and Lauren Marsh
Dedicated to Education and Philanthropy: The Mugar Family, Founders of Star Market, Watertown, Mass.; Embracing Nature and Technology: Gyorgy (1906 – 2001) and Juliet (1919 – 1999) Kepes, Artists; JFK’s Confidante, a Son of History: Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (1917-2007), Historian and Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author; FDR’s Right Hand: Marguerite “Missy” LeHand (1896 – 1944), Presidential Secretary; In Search of a Liberated Life: Mary E. Walker (1818-1872), Freedom-seeker; African American Activist: Clement G. Morgan (1859-1929), A Founder of the NAACP; A Servant’s Devotion, a Family’s Gratitude: Phoebe Jackson (1798-1858), Household Servant; A Tragedy at Sea: The Sigourney Family (1873); Immortalizing Mount Auburn: Caroline Frances Orne (1821-1905), Librarian and Poet; Ahead of Her Time: Clara Endicott Sears(1863-1960), Early Preservationist; A Renaissance Woman: Sarah Wyman Whitman (1842-1904), Artist, Teacher, and Educational Philanthropist; Creator of an American Icon: Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944), Illustrator and Cartoonist; Doing More with Less: R. Buckminster Fuller, Jr. (1895-1983), Visionary Architect; A Powerful Imagination: Benjamin C. Thompson (1918-2002), Designer and Architect

Connected to Her Community, Profile of a Trustee: Clemmie L. Cash

Plans for New Greenhouses and Horticulture Center Progress

Preserving Mount Auburn

Cycles of Life: Spring at Mount Auburn
An excerpt from Francis William Pitt Greenwood’s ‘The Miscellaneous Writings’ accompanies a photo essay by John Harrison and George McLean.

Extended Cemetery Services…Including Weddings
The position of Family Services Coordinator is formalized, with Tom Johnson at the helm, to organize memorial services, funerals, and now weddings.

People & Happenings: Cambridge Savings 1st to Match Gift for Story Chapel Entrance; Ruggiero Grant Awarded for Consecration Dell Habitat Restoration; Lead Pointing Initiative; Concord Academy Alumni Visit Mount Auburn; Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Recognized at Mount Auburn; Volunteer Profile: Jennifer LoScuito, Sharing Her Love of History; Buckminster Fuller Documentary Filmed at Mount Auburn; Historical Collections Hosts Community Groups; Sustainability at Mount Auburn; Mount Auburn Welcomes Two New Staff Members; Staff News and Travel; Interments and Memorial Services of Note; The Results Are In…Mount Auburn Visitors Survey Update by Bree D. Harvey

Did You Know…?

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Upcoming Events