Sweet Auburn, Summer 2001

Sweet Auburn Summer 2001

Inside this Issue…

The Hurricane of 1938: A Lasting Impact on Horticulture at Mount Auburn by Dennis Collins
The devastation to the landscape following the Hurricane of 1938 inspired the planting of new species of trees to diversify Mount Auburn’s horticultural offerings.

A Celebration of Architects at Mount Auburn Cemetery by Janet Heywood
Charles Bulfinch, Asher Benjamin, Jacob Bigelow, William Robert Ware, Charles Amos Cummings, Willard T. Sears, Robert Swain Peabody, Arthur Little, Eleanor Raymond, George Howe, Clarence  Backall, and Charles Allerton Coolidge are among the notable architects buried at Mount Auburn.

Biographical Note: J. Gaspar Spurzheim by Janet Heywood
Spurzheim, a pioneer in the phrenology, the science of the mind, is buried on Central Avenue.