Sweet Auburn, Summer 2006

Sweet Auburn Summer 2006

Inside this Issue…

President’s Corner

Balancing Historical Integrity and Horticultural Innovation: The Dynamic Mount Auburn Mix by Dennis Collins

Asa Gray Garden Revitalization by Bree Detamore Harvey
Asa Gray Garden will be filled in with an assortment of plants that exemplify Gray’s discoveries about the relationships between Asian and North American plants, thanks to funds raised in honor of Janet Heywood.

Being Green: Water Management at Mount Auburn by Candace Currie
Tasked with rationing this precious resource, Gardening & Arboriculture Supervisor Paul Walker and Director of Horticulture Claude Benoit judiciously administer water to high-priority areas while simultaneously practicing conservation.

Beauty in the Eyes of All Beholders: Special Gardens at Mount Auburn
The two newest additions to our landscape include our Experimental Garden and the Butterfly Garden at Willow Pond. A detailed list of plantings attractive to butterflies accompanies an excerpt from Mount Auburn resident Samuel Hubbard Scudder’s Frail Children of the Air: Excursions into the World of Butterflies.

Going Experimental at the Greenhouse: How Does Your Garden Grow? by Susan E.  Doolittle
Greenhouse Technician Paul Kwiatkowski is leading a move towards sustainability by experimenting with new plants and methods in our Experimental Garden. Working with Gardeners Gerardo Santiago and Mary Scalisi, and Greenhouse Manager Maurene Simonelli, Paul has planted everything from heather to hops, and begun composting with Cemetery by-products. 

This Spring’s Birding Highlights by Dawnielle Peck

Special Majesty: Trees at Mount Auburn
Some of the trees at Mount Auburn predate the Cemetery’s founding, and would have been seen by such historical luminaries as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who frequented our landscape.

Special Memorials: Benches, Trees, and Plaques by Jim Holman

Stained Glass Restoration Underway by Meg  Winslow
Winslow chronicles the removal of the Ballantine & Allan stained glass windows from Bigelow Chapel, and the beginning of the conservation and restoration process by Serpentino Stained & Leaded Glass.

New Staff Join Mount Auburn

Dennis Collins: Down the Garden Path by Steve Anable

Bill “On the Road Again”

People & Happenings: A Farewell to Janet Heywood; Horticultural Committee: Setting Priorities;  Volunteer Profile: Curtis Adams and Elizabeth Wylde – Branching Out; Volunteer Fair Draws Enthusiastic Response

Events: Celebrating 175 Years!