Sweet Auburn, Summer 2008

Sweet Auburn Summer 2008

Inside this Issue…

President’s Corner

A Conversation with Bill Clendaniel by Stephen Anable
Anable reflects on Bill Clendaniel’s legacy at Mount Auburn, in the President’s own words, upon his retirement.

A Somewhat Magical Happening: The Prince of Wales Beech “Returns” to Mount Auburn by Dennis Collins

Stories Behind the Stones: “Everything that human love could do was done” by Brian A. Sullivan
Samuel Eliot’s (1821 – 1898) diary offers a glimpse into a father’s heartbreak in dealing with the loss of his two sons, George Otis and William Samuel, buried in the Eliot family lot on Pyrola Path.

Dorothea Dix: A Life of Service by Bree D. Harvey

Celebrating Longfellow‘s Sonnets

Mount Auburn in Bloom by Jennifer Johnston

People & Happenings: The Sculptor as an Archivist’s Best Friend by Stephen Anable (A Volunteer Profile on Frances Pratt); Interim President Appointed; Staff Changes; Drew Faust Speaks at Mount Auburn; Friends’ Members Survey Shows Loyalty, Individual Interests by Stephen R. Silver; Chambers Painting of Vanished Pond Acquired by Meg Winslow; Birch Gardens – the Landscape Takes Shape by Candace Currie; Landscape in Our Lives: Mount Auburn and Elsewhere; A Warm Welcome and Celebration, Visitors Center Opens; A Perfect Dovetail: Bill Barry Appointed Vice President of Preservation & Facilities by Stephen Anable; Preservation Initiative: Developing Philosophy, Policy, and Planning

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