Sweet Auburn, Winter 1993-1994

Sweet Auburn Winter 1993 1994

Inside this Issue…

Mount Auburn’s Master Plan and Its Implementation by William C. Clendaniel
After developing a Mission Statement, senior Mount Auburn staff and Trustees set out to create a Master Plan with the assistance of The Halvorson Company (consulting landscape firm), Halvorson employees Craig C. Halvorson (President) and Elizabeth Vizza (Associate), and Shary Page Berg (who developed our Historic Landscape Report). The team concluded that preservation and enhancement of the landscape should be the primary focus in cemetery development.

Introducing Dave Barnett,  Director of Horticulture

Master Plan Volumes Available

Roger Kindred Receives MHS Gold Medal

Bulfinch Monument Restored
The Charles Bulfinch monument (Lot #2308, Bellwort Path), the design of which is attributed to Robert Adam, was recently restored.