Sweet Auburn, Winter 2002-2003

Sweet Auburn Winter 2002 2003

Inside this Issue…

Bigelow Chapel: Crematory Chapel by Janet Heywood
In 1898, following the construction of Story Chapel, Bigelow Chapel (originally constructed in the 1840s) was converted to a crematory chapel. Architect Willard T. Sears redesigned the interior of Bigelow Chapel to accommodate a crematory. The effort was immediately embraced by the public, who appreciated Mount Auburn’s care and attention to the ceremony of cremations.

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Decorative Urns at Mount Auburn by Kathy Fahey
Decorative urns ornamented the Lawn (renamed Asa Gray Garden) and Auburn Lake during the mid-nineteenth century, when tastes trended towards the Victorian. As tastes shifted towards a more park-like landscape, many urns were removed as flat markers and a uniform landscape came into favor. The few urns remaining in the landscape require preservation and continued care.

Biographical Note: Nathaniel Wyeth (1802-1856) by Judy Jackson and Laura Gosman
Explorer, trader, and inventor Nathaniel Wyeth is buried in Lot #3031 on Fountain Avenue.