Winter Interest Trees & Shrubs at Mount Auburn

Mount Auburn Cemetery attracts over 200,000 visitors per year, and they visit for many different reasons. Families and friends come to pay tribute to loved ones every day, as we continue to do about 500 new burials per year. Others come to enjoy the beautiful landscape, the magnificent trees, the birds and other wildlife, or the amazing collection of funerary art and architecture. Many attend our educational programs and tours, and still others come to study history and learn about the notable residents of Mount Auburn. Some do all of the above.

It is the diverse collection of over 5,000 spectacular trees that no doubt attracts many people to the Cemetery. Nevertheless, it is the combination of the topography, the plants, the wildlife and the monuments and other built structures that make Mount Auburn the unique landscape and National Historic Landmark that it is.

Winter is an ideal time to explore and get familiar with Mount Auburn. Whether you are a regular or first time visitor this time of year offers the opportunity to see further into the landscape as vistas normally obscured by spring and summer foliage are “opened up.” A winter walk or drive through the Cemetery can be both invigorating and calming as it awards the visitor with the kind of inspiration and peace of mind revealed through nature’s more hushed and muted tones.