Mount Auburn Biographies published

January 23, 2018

In 1953 Mount Auburn Biographies by Foster W. Russell was published.

“With the primary purpose of preserving a convenient record of the accomplishments of over five hundred of the more noted persons who have found lasting repose in the cemetery, Mount Auburn has published a book of more than two hundred pages containing brief biographical sketches by Foster W. Russell, an historical review by James G. King, and an article by Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam on “Memories.””          (Mount Auburn Cemetery Annual Report – 1953)

“Great numbers of those buried in Mount Auburn,” says Foster Russell in Mount Auburn Biographies, “knew each other in their day and generation, dined with each other, heard each other speak, crossed swords in active business or profession, or, pooling strength, cooperated for the general good in ventures large or small. Through a myriad complex relationships, they were to each other vivid presences in life, as neighbors now in death.”  The book is currently out of print.



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