Mount Auburn Book Club: The Ice Finders

November 15, 2011

  Each month, the Mount Auburn Book Club meets to discuss a selected work related to one of Mount Auburn’s many facets. Selections range from books on history, natural history, horticulture, art, architecture, preservation, and wildlife to books written by or about those now buried and commemorated here. The Book Club meets in Story Chapel on the second Thursday of each month. Coffee and tea are provided.  

    • Thursday, January 12: The Ice Finders: How a Poet, a Professor, and a Politician Discovered the Ice Age by Edmund Blair Bolles (1999) is the history of the scientific discovery of the Ice Age. Louis Agassiz was the first to theorize the concept. Later others helped by providing further evidence and popularizing it in the minds of the public. Agassiz’s grave on Bellwort Path is marked with a glacially deposited boulder from Switzerland.

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