Ninth Annual Electronics Recycling Day, snow problem!

February 1, 2022

On Saturday, January 8, Mount Auburn hosted our 9th public electronics recycling collection event. Each year the event grows, attracting participants from neighboring towns looking to responsibly dispose of their unwanted, obsolete and non-working electronics.  This year we kept over 7 tons of electronics out of landfills!

A winter storm dropped a foot of snow on us the day before the event but our plow and snow removal team worked over night to clear the path for our drop-off area.  We welcomed about 250 cars over 3 hours and filled 24 pallets with electronics.  Thanks to staff members Ari, Greg, James, Jessica, Steph, and volunteers Rich and Caleb for staffing the event to unload cars and keep everything running smoothly on a frigid day. 

Once the collected items are transported to the Northeast Material Handling facility the process includes sorting, dismantling, mechanical separation and recovery of valuable materials.  Materials rescued in the recycling process such as gold, copper, glass and aluminum can be returned to the supply chain and used again, thus reducing the need to mine expensive raw materials through environmentally destructive methods, and therefore significantly reducing carbon emissions. Seven tons of mixed electronics that did not go to a landfill prevented release of 5.64 metric tons of CO2 equivalents into the atmosphere.

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this event a success!

staff members pose in front of electronics recycling bins.
Recycling staff: Steph, Caleb, Rich, James, Greg and Ari

Electronics Recycling 2022 Statistics

Monitors                     62

TV’s                             20

Vacuums                     29

Speakers                      98

Co-mingled material   1,438 lbs

Alkaline Batteries       73 lbs

Metal                           128 lbs

Electronics                  13,418 lbs

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