Notice: Tribute Clean-up – starting the week of February 5

January 1, 2024

To maintain this place of exceptional beauty, there are times when we remove all the tributes from the cemetery as we perform the important work of landscape care.  The next thorough tribute clean-up, sometimes called a Clean Sweep, will begin the week of February 5th.

We would like to remind everyone that only tributes made of natural plant material are allowed at Mount Auburn Cemetery, such as cut flowers and living plants in disposable pots 8” wide or smaller.  All non-natural items are subject to immediate removal, and we do not advise leaving items of great sentimental or monetary value.  Please see our full Tribute Regulations for more details.

A tribute is an act or gift intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.  In terms of graveside visits, leaving a tribute can be an act of mourning or remembrance as well.  Thank you to everyone who brings floral tributes to remember and honor your loved ones – you help make this cemetery a welcome place to visit.

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