A Look at Who We Are: Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives

February 1, 2017

Join Ruth Thomasian, founder and CEO of Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, in Story Chapel to learn about the history of the Armenian community centered in Watertown. Founded in 1975, Project SAVE has archived collections of more than 45,000 photographs and their stories that include aspects of Armenian life from the 1860s to the present day. Thomasian will share stories of the importance of documenting and preserving family photos.

Ruth Thomasian, photo archivist and historian, traces her Armenian roots back to her father’s parents who came to the United States before 1915 from the village of Anchertee (meaning without water), Historic Armenia, in what is today Eastern Turkey. They lived and raised their family in east Watertown not far from Mt Auburn Cemetery.  Ruth has dedicated her professional life to saving the photographic heritage of Armenians. She holds a BA in history from Albion College, and an MS in Communications Management from Simmons.

Contact Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives at: PO Box 236 (visit at 65 Main St.), Watertown, MA 02471-0236; www.ProjectSAVE.org; 617-923-4542. Visitors and inquiries are always welcome.

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