Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds

May 14, 2014

nest in hands

Welcome to listeners of Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds! Mount Auburn is a unique destination for birding and we hope you’ll visit and explore this wildlife sanctuary.

Join us on May 4, 2014 at 9:00 AM for a live broadcast of Talkin’ Birds in Story Chapel.



We have many resources available for birders and wildlife enthusiasts:

…check out our Recent Wildlife Sightings for up-to-date e-bird listings.

…join us for one of our Spring Migrants bird walks.

…learn about our visiting guidelines in A Birder’s Guide to Mount Auburn, full of helpful tips for your adventures.

…find out more about Birds and Birding at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

…read our Eternally Green: Tips for Beginning Birders.

…peruse an interactive timeline of the History of Birding at Mount Auburn.

connect with wildlife at Mount Auburn on social media.

…purchase our Birds and Birding Guide, written by Christopher Leahy and illustrated by Clare Walker Leslie.


We hope to see you around the Cemetery during the spring migration. Happy Birding!

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