Nancy Rappaport and Regeneration

October 20, 2016

Each of us may find that we need to call on inner resources when we are challenged by our own vulnerability – with the impending fear of potential loss- we are  forced to define what we hold close and value.

Dr. Nancy Rappaport cultivated strength and joy as she reflected on her journey with breast cancer during performances of Regeneration, her one-woman play at Story Chapel earlier this year.

Diane Goshgarian’s interview with Nancy Rappaport and Meg Winslow, Mount Auburn’s Curator of Historical Collections from Behind the Pages: Special Edition (9/27/2016).



STAT (10/13/2016): Cemetery walks and playwriting: How I found healing after breast cancer

Princeton Alumni Weekly (9/28/2016): Nancy Rappaport ’82 Debuts ‘Regneration,’ a One-Woman Show About Surviving Cancer

Boston Magazine (9/19/2016): Local Psychiatrist Takes Her Battle with Cancer to the Stage

Cambridge Chronicle (9/20/2016): One-woman play at Cambridge cemetery chronicles doctor’s journey with breast cancer

Friends of Mount Auburn E-newsletter, (September 2016): Strength & Vulnerability: A Conversation with Dr. Nancy Rappaport



No stranger to the power of narrative, Rappaport is a child psychiatrist, author, and Harvard associate professor.

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