Service of Commemoration, May 2012

May 26, 2012

On Saturday, May 26th, members of the community gathered on Bigelow Chapel Lawn to remember those loved ones no longer with us during our 21st annual Service of Commemoration.

“The idea for this annual event came out of our desire to reaffirm the central purpose of this remarkable place: that Mount Auburn was created to give us, the living, a place of natural beauty in which to commemorate those who have gone before us and from which we can derive comfort in times of our bereavement.

In the decades since our founding, Mount Auburn has become much more than just a passive landscape in which to lay to rest and commemorate our loved ones. It is an active and vibrant institution that works to preserve this beloved place for future generations and to teach all of us the lessons of history and the history of those who rest here. Those who have honored loves ones by making memorial gifts listed in today’s program have joined in this important task of preservation, and we thank you very much for those contributions.

The Board of Trustees and the staff here at Mount Auburn are committed to preserving this beautiful and historic landscape while at the same time serving families at their time of need. Our hope today is that you will be touched in some meaningful way by pausing for a few moments in these hallowed grounds to remember and commemorate someone close or important to you. We hope that you will leave feeling that Mount Auburn is closer to your heart, and that it is a special place to which you may continue to come in order to derive comfort in the months and years ahead.”  

Mount Auburn President & CEO Dave Barnett, Service of Commemoration, May 26, 2012

Click here to view the program for this year’s Service.

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