A Landscape of Memory

More than 100,000 individuals are buried and commemorated at Mount Auburn. Among them are writers, educators, reformers, artists, scientists, and inventors whose influence can still be seen throughout Boston, the New England region, nationally, and even internationally.



Examine our archive of biographical sketches to learn more about some of those now remembered at Mount Auburn.

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Mount Auburn Cemetery’s African American Heritage Trail illuminates the history of individuals who found their final resting place in a cemetery welcoming of all faiths, races, and backgrounds, and within an interconnected community of those who fought for human equality.

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Here, let the brave repose, who have died in the cause of their country. Here, let the statesman rest, who has achieved the victories of peace, not less renowned than war. Here, let genius find a home, that has sung immortal strains, or has instructed with still diviner eloquence. Here let learning and science, the votaries of invetive art, and the teacher of the philosophy of nature come. Here yet youth and beauty, blighted by premature decay, drop, like tender blossoms into the virgin earth; and here let age retire, ripened for the harvest. Above all, here let the benefactors of mankind, the good, the merciful, the meek, the pure in heart be congregated, for to them belongs an undying praise.

-Joseph Story, September 24, 1831