Story Chapel Entryway Project

February 18, 2012

Story Chapel, a historic 19th-century structure built in 1898, is the setting for lectures, concerts, and special events open to the public, as well as private commemorative services. It houses the Visitors Center, which opened in 2008 and includes a welcome desk, a permanent exhibit on the Cemetery’s history, an introductory video about Mount Auburn today, a resource table with relevant books, public rest rooms, and the assistance of staff and volunteer docents. A current major initiative of the Cemetery and the Friends is to build a front entryway for Story Chapel that would make the Visitors Center more welcoming and accessible, as well as restore the historic integrity of the original porte-cochere that was removed in 1971.

In 2009, the Friends of Mount Auburn was awarded a $132,000 matching grant by the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund (MCFF) for this project. In May of 2011, we successfully surpassed the match thanks to the generous support of several foundations and individuals. Including the MCFF grant, we have now raised $303,008 – over 84% of the total fundraising goal of $360,000. The remainder of $56,992 must be raised so that we can begin work for this project in 2012.

Top image: Story Chapel Entryway, concept by McGinley Kalsow & Associates.


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