Success! Mount Auburn’s Electronic Recycling Event

February 17, 2017


2,000 lbs of electronic equipment, 
400 lbs of scrap metal, and
66 lbs of alkaline batteries

We held our 5th annual recycling event on Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 10AM – 1PM at the Preservation Services Building (PSB).  The weather was dry and much warmer than last year!  Candace Currie, Director of Planning & Cemetery Development and Jessica Bussmann, Director of Education and Visitor Services were here with me on Saturday.

On Friday we held an event for staff and volunteers which had good attendance, particularly during breaks. Staff members Jessica, Paul Kwiatkowski, Kevin Perry, Regina Harrison, Steve Brown, and Greg Ghazil took shifts to monitor the items being dropped off on Friday at the PSB workshop.

In total, we recycled 2,000lbs of electronic equipment, 400lbs of scrap metal and 66lbs of alkaline batteries. The total number of CRT (TV) tubes received was down to three this year, a big drop. One local electrical engineer said that we gave him the motivation to empty his basement which he said looked like a hoarder’s house. The oddest item we received was a George Foreman grill. The Cemetery, staff and volunteers contributed 70 items, and the public contributed 160.

We counted about 40 cars on Saturday. Two people arrived on foot, but the most interesting mode of transport was an infant, Ben, who pushed his stroller along with his dad. They came back a second time after finding discarded monitors on the sidewalk.

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