Mount Auburn Cemetery: Eternally Green

January 20, 2017

Mount Auburn Cemetery is committed to responsible stewardship for the environment.  Below is a collection of articles that share the ways we are striving for excellence in our sustainability.  


A Greener Greenhouse and Gardens
Good Bugs, Bad Bugs
Going Green Naturally
Watertown Community Gardens 2012
Preserving our Tree Collection
Torrey Lot Herbal Garden
Willow Pond Butterfly Garden
Mount Auburn’s Horticulture – Do try this at Home!
New Bee-ginnings
Reducing our Reliance on Peat Moss
Sweet Auburn Spring-Summer 2012: Narcissus/Beech Habitat Restoration
Sweet Auburn Spring-Summer 2011: A Greener Greenhouse & Gardens; Planning & Sustainability: Connecting Resources
Ecological Landscaping Association’s newsletter: Composting: Addition by Subtraction
Workshop on Organics and Composting
The Autumn Apiary
What’s in a Seed?
Microclimates in an Urban Oasis

Reducing Energy Use in Historic Buildings
Let the Sunshine In!  Solar Energy at Mount Auburn
Mount Auburn Cemetery Supports 100% Renewable Energy
Mount Auburn’s IT Director Goes Solar
Energy Savings in the Home

Toads for Mount Auburn
Counting the Toads to Success
Tips for Beginning Birders
Counting the Toads to Success, Part II
The Continuing Story of the American Toad Project
Wild about Mount Auburn’s Wildlife Action Plan
Coverboard Monitoring Project
Improving Water Quality and Habitat at Willow Pond
Mount Auburn Cemetery Amphibian Reintroduction Update 2015
Wheelabrator Tour
Gray Treefrogs are Now at “Home”

What a Difference a Rain Makes
Watering the Plants in the Landscape
Water Conservation in the New Greenhouse
Rain Barrels Available for Your Home Use
Water, Water, Everywhere!
Drought is about More than Brown Lawns
Discovering the Effects of Drought on Soil
Ripple Effects of a Drought

Electronics Recycling Comes of Age
Recycling and Bottle Bill
Mount Auburn’s 3rd Annual Public Electronics Recycling Event

Natural Burials
Mount Auburn Founded on Natural Burials
Mount Auburn Certified as Hybrid Burial Ground by Green Burial Council
Natural Burials at Mount Auburn
Green Burials at the ICCFA Convention

General Sustainability
The Effects of Acid Rain on Monuments
Notable “Green” Residents of Mount Auburn
Mount Auburn & Sustainability
It isn’t easy going green…or is it?
Dave Barnett on Sustainability in Public Gardens
2013 Green Award Recipient – Kelley Sullivan
A Better Soil, A Better Mount Auburn: An Interview with Paul Walker
Regina Harrison – Mount Auburn’s 2014 Green Award Recipient
Massachusetts’ Changing Climate
Plant Collections Powered by Pedals
Sweet Auburn Winter 2013: A Sustainable Cemetery
Sweet Auburn Summer 2014: Environmental Leader and Innovator
The Man who Walked More than a Little: An Interview with Arthur DerBoghosian
Working Together to Create a More Sustainable Mount Auburn



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