Tenth Annual Community Electronics Recycling Day!

January 25, 2023

On Saturday, January 7, Mount Auburn hosted our 10th public electronics recycling collection event. Each year the event grows, attracting participants from neighboring towns looking to responsibly dispose of their unwanted, obsolete and non-working electronics.  This year we kept over four tons of electronics out of landfills!

We welcomed about 175 households arriving by car and foot over 3 hours and filled 17 pallets with electronics.  Thanks to staff members Al, Ari, Carlos Greg, Jessica, Santos, and Thomas, and volunteers Rich and Caleb for staffing the event to unload cars and keep everything running smoothly. 

Collected Items Included:
19                    Monitors

17                    Televisions

8                      Vacuums

29                    Speakers

239 lbs.            Co-mingled material

126 lbs.            Alkaline Batteries

25 lbs.              Lithium Batteries

26 lbs. Ni-Cad Batteries

123 lbs.            Lead Acid Batteries

250 lbs.           Metal/Air Conditioners

6, 989 lbs.       Electronics

Once the collected items are transported to the Northeast Material Handling facility the process includes sorting, dismantling, mechanical separation and recovery of valuable materials.  Materials rescued in the recycling process such as gold, copper, glass and aluminum can be returned to the supply chain and used again, thus reducing the need to mine expensive raw materials through environmentally destructive methods, and therefore significantly reducing carbon emissions.

For every ton of e-waste collected and recycled; 1.44 tons of CO2 emissions are avoided.  So four tons is an impressive accomplishment with a big impact!  Thanks to everyone in the community who participated and made this event a success!

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